Stair Climbing – Your Way to Fitness

Do you know that climbing the stairs can have a positive impact on your health over time? Every organ in your body will be benefited when you perform some form of physical exercise. Walking on an even surface and climbing stairs are safe forms of aerobic activities.


Stair climbing can help you with weight loss. It can burn more calories than traditional walking and jogging. According to studies conducted, also, it can burn calories three times faster than walking. The movement of your legs and hips results in increased heartbeat and deep breathing, enhancing the blood flow to all areas of the body. As we climb stairs, our body releases natural pain relievers, which will make us feel better.

Stair climbing is considered safe if we develop a habit of using stairs instead of the elevators and lifts that are available. This form of activity can improve our cardiovascular fitness and bring about stronger musculoskeletal system functioning. Constant stair climbing reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and obesity. Stair climbing requires more energy expenditure than sitting or taking a lift. If you wish to burn calories then you burn about 0.15 calories with every step that your climb. Both while climbing up and also getting down, you burn calories.

You can prevent weight gain by climbing the stairs for about two minutes every day. Climbing stairs do not require any special training or require anyone to have special skills. It also doesn’t cost you anything and you need not be dressed in a special attire to climb the steps. Climbing the stairs saves up to 15 minutes in a day as it is always quicker up to five floors. You can burn plenty of calories in very less time.


During stair climbing, you must use your leg muscles and this way you are working your calves, hamstrings. This training of stair climbing every day can improve one’s endurance and performance. In between the set of stairs, do some exercises like push-ups that provide strength.

Stair climbing engages the largest body muscle groups in you to lift your body weight up. So now that you know the advantages of Stair climbing, work out and keep yourself fit. Your heart will thank you.

To learn more about the benefits of stair climbing, watch this video

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