5 ways you can make this children’s day very special for your child.

Children’s Day is the birthday of our first Prime Minister of independent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (Uncle Nehru) or Chachaji (Uncle), and who emphasized the importance of giving love and affection to children, whom he saw as the bright future of India. This also means that this day is a very important day for the children and hence equally important to have this as a special day in their mind. Lets see the 5 ways you can make this children’s day very special for your child.

  1. Spreading the love

Showing love shouldn’t be relegated to Valentine’s Day, especially when it comes to your family — and particularly when it comes to your kids. Children who are secure in knowing that they are loved by their parents are free to go on with their lives with a full heart and self-confidence. They are better able to give in all aspects of life: they can give out friendship, kindness and compassion. They share, they forgive, they have more room for the mistakes of others, and they are able to receive love, compliments and the goodness that life has to offer. This simple and best things we do this to our kids on this special day.

  1. Let them express themselves

Part of showing a child true, unconditional love means that parents hold space for them to express themselves freely. You’re probably more likely to be supportive of your child’s self-expression when it’s positive but it’s important to allow negative self-expression, too. Resist the urge to immediately judge or correct when your child voices a negative emotion. Instead, talk it out, be supportive and build the kind of trust that means your child will naturally come to you when she needs a shoulder. Hence give a freedom of expressing themselves for them on this special day.

  1. Wake them with a smile

This sounds simple, right? But think about how wake-ups usually go in your house. In mine, they all too often involve an unsmiling me saying, “Wake up, come on! Do you want to be late for school?” The mornings where I take a moment to kiss a forehead or rub a back are always the best ones, though. Starting a day off with smiles and laughter can set a happy and loving tone for the rest of the day. This is the best as far I can see on this children’s day.

  1. Listen

All too often, we find our self only half-listening to something our children is saying as we focus instead on making dinner, cleaning up, or even checking email. We should make this day special by listening to them. If we can’t listen right that second then tell them when you will be able to listen.

  1. Keep your promises (and don’t make promises you can’t keep)

Just as making empty threats can damage your relationship (“If you don’t stop doing that, I’m taking all your things away!”) So can making empty promises. Life happens and some things can’t be avoided, but making promises we know we can’t keep in order to placate a child will only foster feelings of mistrust and insignificance. So before you make a promise, be fairly sure you can follow through — and if you have to break it, explain why. This is will be very special if we keep the promises on this day and surely be a one never forgettable in their minds.

Children’s day is their day and it the time they have to happy and hence follow these ideas to make them truly happy. Because their happiness is our happiness.

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